Hi my real name is Andrzej and I am happy that you are interested in my music. By clicking the "Music!" button you can jump directly to it. Below you can also find a few words more about me.


Move Like a Rebel

First Step

My first public production. I made this track especially for Castle Game Engine Platformer Demo.


W przygotowaniu...



Sounds that I created for a demo showing how to create a platformer using Castle Game Engine:


I'm (still) new in music, so it's hard for me to write something about myself. I spend most of my time coding apps, games and a game engine.


At first, I just wanted to create some sounds/music for my game. But I got so interested in making music that I started making the next song, then the next one, then guess… the next. After three years, I'm releasing my first real single (can be found on streaming services). I generally try to make music that I would like to listen to myself. Usually combining genres like synthwave, retrowave, trap, dark clubbing, big beat, etc. Perhaps music from a nerd for nerds 😉


I made all the content myself without the use of AI. For music I use the Radium tracker (previously also LMMS), for graphics Inkscape and Gimp, for movies Kdenlive, Blender and Natron.


As a programmer, I'm active in open source, especially in two projects:

  • Castle Game Engine - game engine (as and3md)
  • Radium - next gen music tracker (Currently I make music using this software)

Free Time

When I'm not programming/making music, I like retro games (Commodore 64 rulez), strategies, RPGs (Cyberpunk 2077) and watching anime. My favorite series are Bakemonogatari, Naruto, Cyberpunk Edgerunners and Gintama 🙂





Andrzej "Akimaze" Kilijański


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