Hi my real name is Andrzej and I am happy that you are interested in my music. By clicking the "Music!" button you can jump directly to it. Below you can also find a few words more about me.


Move Like a Rebel

First Step

My first public production. I made this track especially for Castle Game Engine Platformer Demo.


W przygotowaniu...



Sounds that I created for a demo showing how to create a platformer using Castle Game Engine:


I'm (still) new in music, so it's hard for me to write something about myself. I spend most of my time coding apps, games and a game engine.


At first, I just wanted to create some sounds/music for my game. But I got so interested in making music that I started making the next song, then the next one, then guess… the next. After three years, I'm releasing my first real single (can be found on streaming services). I generally try to make music that I would like to listen to myself. Usually combining genres like synthwave, retrowave, trap, dark clubbing, big beat, etc. Perhaps music from a nerd for nerds 😉

My logo

Transparent logo

As long as I can remember, I've been looking for the perfect path that I could follow. In short, I did not find it, and each of the signposts sooner or later turned out to be false. So the labyrinth became my sign. We all err in some way and at end reach nowhere. We are never satisfied. But don't take this as a negative, because on a journey to nowhere you can neither lose nor win. But you can be yourself and not feel pressured.


I made all the content myself without the use of AI. For music I use the Radium tracker (previously also LMMS), for graphics Inkscape and Gimp, for movies Kdenlive, Blender and Natron.


As a programmer, I'm active in open source, especially in two projects:

  • Castle Game Engine - game engine (as and3md)
  • Radium - next gen music tracker (Currently I make music using this software)

Free Time

When I'm not programming/making music, I like retro games (Commodore 64 rulez), strategies, RPGs (Cyberpunk 2077) and watching anime. My favorite series are Bakemonogatari, Naruto, Cyberpunk Edgerunners and Gintama 🙂





Andrzej "Akimaze" Kilijański


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